Children's Zone

Partnering with the Triangles very own Raleigh Mom's, this is a comprehensive guide to assisting children get social, creative and educational support throughout the community.

Homeless Outreach

Responding to unsheltered homeless and offering a path toward stabilization and housing. We provide our community with a team of highly trained Outreach Specialists that move freely between the streets and shelter facilities.  They offer services to unsheltered homeless persons living in encampments, parks, and throughout various communities.

Youth Initiatives

We create opportunities for youth to reach their full potential. The objective includes the development and delivery of innovative programs and services for youth who may be disadvantaged, marginalized, or at-risk. We create opportunities for youth to reach their full potential.

Prison Initiatives

There are fewer places darker than a prison cell. There, separated from all that they ever knew or loved, men and women struggle with feelings of despair and hopelessness. As they search for some sense of meaning and purpose for their lives, they wonder if anyone outside the walls of the prison knows or cares about their struggles.

Health Initiatives

Public health is the science and systems designed to protect and improve health at the community and population level. It includes efforts to improve health by preventing disease and promoting healthy behaviors. These efforts include initiatives to educate the public about healthier choices, facilitating healthier lifestyles through community supports, preventing outbreaks and the spread of infectious diseases, and ensuring safe food and water in communities


Next Steps...

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