The Community Initiative of NC

Responding to the unsheltered homeless and offering a path toward stabilization and housing

Meeting people where they are – geographically, spiritually and emotionally – is the nature of our homeless outreach program.

We provide our community with a team of highly trained Outreach Specialists that move freely between the streets and shelter facilities.  They offer services to unsheltered homeless persons living in encampments, parks, and throughout various communities.

From understanding individual challenges in each person' s life, to symptoms of loss and trauma, and assessing root causes and factors that contribute to homelessness – TCIONC Outreach Specialists persist in developing relationships and enhancing motivation to redevelop trust, provide support and stabilization, and identify pathways into housing. By consistently engaging unsheltered clients as frequently as necessary, and meeting simple, immediate needs for healthcare, food, or transportation; clients become more receptive to shelter and housing.

Our homeless outreach efforts have resulted in community leaders, businesses and residents reporting a reduction in visible homelessness, fewer negative interactions and complaints, and fewer arrests in various communities. With 38 years of experience; our "housing first" philosophy  and approach  has resulted in a reduction of considerable costs to our medical, public safety, health and human systems overall, in addition to improving health, well-being and stability of formerly homeless clients.


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Feeding America

Initiative to end hunger & Improve Family Stability

A groundbreaking initiative that is bringing nonprofit organizations together in an effort to reduce hunger and improve the lives of low-income families. Partners in the Collaborating for Clients initiative will work to address food insecurity and will help families find affordable housing, job training, steady employment, and health care services.

"Our organization's core service of food distribution provides essential assistance to millions of vulnerable and food-insecure people every week, but this traditional food assistance model is not achieving an end to hunger in this country,” Maura Daly, Chief External Affairs Officer of Feeding America, explained. “Hunger is a complex issue that does not exist in isolation. When people visit food pantries, they are not only struggling to put food on the table, they are often struggling to pay for rent, utilities, childcare, and medical bills. By integrating our services with those of other programs, we believe that we can help to improve our clients overall well-being.”

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Rising Homeless Epidemic

Homelessness Is an Ignored Epidemic, Not an Invisible Problem

What is it about America and many of its people that makes them blind to the suffering of the least fortunate? Whether they are the refugees that have no other option but to leave the war zones made intolerable by US arms sales or they are the people in our own country that capitalism has no use for, many Americans just want to pretend they don’t exist. And what better way to do that than by forcibly removing them from our field of vision as people drink their $5 coffees and try to climb the corporate ladder.

With that foundation of values, the community can come together to evaluate and implement best practices for supporting people who are seeking stable housing. Through this process, the community can report and evaluate outcomes, highlight best practices, and identify new resources, which results in a strengthened homeless service system for the whole community and ultimately reduces the number of people who experience homelessness in North Carolina.

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