Financial Literacy

We envision a world where people make informed, thoughtful, and beneficial financial decisions that are aligned with their values so that they can enjoy better, more secure, and more satisfying lives.

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Diversity Initiatives

TCIONC assist the community and corporations on how to demonstrate sensitivity to the concerns of people of color and they be represented on all types of programs. We are continuing to increase awareness and participation of individuals and groups that represent cultural diversity, while remaining committed to the development and ongoing support of policies, programs, groups, and special initiatives that address diversity.

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Youth Initiatives

TCION has created alternative programs mandated by the Court System to Help Prevent youth violence in the community.

The program are unique in the sense that they provide the individual an alternative environment to engage in other life skills in addition to being exposed to other life sources.

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Who We Are

We assist individuals and communities with projects, strategies and solutions that foster change. We believe that the key to solving many of the problems that we are facing exist right in the community. We provide an immense variety of services.

Community Initiatives of NC include a wide array of programs. Some gets to the heart of core needs while other initiatives find ways to connect the strength of local organizations and corporations with individual and community needs.

Whether it be Financial Literacy, Job Training, Health and Wellness or Youth Initiatives. By combining the strengths of corporations with our expertise in the nonprofit sector, The Community Initiative of NC is able to create corporate partnerships that translate to significant impact on individual and communities needs. This also includes meaningful engagement with community and corporations.

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